Why You’re Still Searching for Your Passion


If you cringe at the advice, “Follow Your Passion,” then you might be a Variety Seeker. Variety Seekers are people who are fueled by change. Most Variety Seekers do not know that they’re Variety Seekers.  They just know that they often feel the urge to change some aspect(s) of their lives, be it career, relationship, […]

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Write Your Story!–with LUKE ARMSTRONG

asia boat

Ever long for a life of travel and adventure?  Dream of extraordinary experiences in far off places?  Well you’re in luck because in the next 30 minutes you’ll be going on some crazy adventures through Chile, Guatemala, and Indonesia–all from the comfort of…wherever you are right now. All you have to do is listen to this […]

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Historic Life Hackers

productive men

Did you know Teddy Roosevelt used to read an entire book every morning before breakfast? He was also a boxer, hunter, swimmer, prolific author, magazine editor, and the youngest (some may say best) president in U.S. history. Theodore Roosevelt did all of this without chugging Red Bull or popping the occasional adderall. He got this done […]

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