Why You’re Still Searching for Your Passion

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If you cringe at the advice, “Follow Your Passion,” then you might be a Variety Seeker. Variety Seekers are people who are fueled by change. Most Variety Seekers do not know that they’re Variety Seekers.  They just know that they often feel the urge to change some aspect(s) of their lives, be it career, relationship, […]

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5 Things To Do This Weekend


Here are 5 activities to incorporate into any weekend and that will leave you refreshed and energized for the week ahead.   1. Something Fun Play a game! Games are one of the best ways to get everyone out of their own heads and laughing. Games like hangman and 20 Questions are free and can be played anywhere […]

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Alcohol, Therapy, & Taco Bell


“For those who are easily offended, I want to say excuse me for the beginning of this episode.”–Alex Wood In this revealing episode of Variety Seekers, Alex & Jess discuss the one single key to obtaining the life you’ve always dreamed of. PROGRESS. They reveal the negative habits with which they’ve personally struggled, and what it […]

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