Why You’re Still Searching for Your Passion


If you cringe at the advice, “Follow Your Passion,” then you might be a Variety Seeker. Variety Seekers are people who are fueled by change. Most Variety Seekers do not know that they’re Variety Seekers.  They just know that they often feel the urge to change some aspect(s) of their lives, be it career, relationship, […]

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The Secret to Changing Your Personality


Ever wish you had more drive, more confidence, more ambition? So often we settle for an unfulfilling career and an unsatisfying lifestyle because we don’t think we’re equipped to get the life we desire.  We think we lack determination or that we’re too anxious or that we don’t have the grit… And what’s worse is we […]

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Creating Deep Connections

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When’s the last time you allowed yourself to NEED others? To need them for emotional support, for guidance, for safety? Our whole lives we strive to become SELF-SUSTAINING.  To NOT rely on others.  To do it ourselves! And while this may push us to work hard and be independent, it also has the unwanted effect […]

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