Jessica & Alex

Jessica Wood, Head Honecho  Jessica is a former speech pathologist and Vin Diesel impersonator. You can find her at any coffee shop or library in the St. Louis area. In true variety seeker fashion, she never works at the same place two days in a row.     Alex Wood, The Hone Ranger      Alex is a West Point graduate and currently based at Fort Carson, Colorado. He was a child prodigy in the art of wedding reception dance, and his mom thinks he could be the next “Matt Damion.”


During a discussion about our futures, Alex and I discovered a mutual frustration for the passion-seeking exercise, “Describe Your Perfect Day.”

For many this exercise may seem easy.  Who doesn’t want to daydream about their ideal day in their perfect life?  But for us, this exercise left us feeling lost and discouraged.

Like so many others, despite having college degrees and work experience, neither of us had a clue what we wanted to do with our lives. We naturally assumed we just hadn’t “found our passions” yet, but further reflection and research revealed more.

The reason it was impossible for us to choose just ONE perfect time to wake up, ONE perfect place to live, ONE perfect breakfast to eat, ONE perfect job to go to, is because we know if that exact day occurred too many times in a row, we’d freak out.  We’d frantically want to change our alarm clocks, our breakfasts, our locations, and our jobs.

We discovered that we’re variety seekers.  What fuels us is variety.  What stifles us is repetition.  Once we realized this about ourselves and began nourishing this need, life became easy, and the pressure to find the perfect anything, was gone.

There was no way we could keep this revelation to ourselves.  Ever since that day our mission has been:

To help variety seekers stop searching for their passion and discover that which makes them happy is the ever-changing.

We understand firsthand the despair of thinking you will never be satisfied, that contentment and fulfillment are fantasy, or at best, fleeting.  But sustainable happiness is available now.  It’s not something you need to search for.  We’re devoted to learning, doing, and delivering as much useful knowledge as possible so that you can stop searching and start living.

And we’ll probably have some fun along the way.

The sibling duo during their horse thievin’ days.


  1. Robert Mirbeau says:

    I am indeed a “variety seeker” new phrase in my repetoire of vocabulary. Thanks Jessica and Alex. I am also Enchanted to be amongst those such as Oprah whom I love and admire.

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