The One Thing You Should Learn Before 2016

Raise your hand if you’ve never been able to follow-through with your New Year’s Resolutions… Or you not only FAIL but actually end up worse than before the New Year… Why is that? About 50% of us will end up making a New Year’s Resolution this year, and within weeks most of us will start […]

You Shouldn’t Always Scratch the Itch

Seven months ago I was in the 15th month of a relationship… We had a dog, rented a house, and I was holding down my most stressful job to date. Up early, taking the dog out, working out, working a 12 hour day, running errands, cooking, maintaining the house, taking the dog out again… my days […]

We’re All Weird…And It’s Ok

You know those people you admire so much?  The people you’re striving to be more like?  The ones who you think…now they’ve got it all together… WELL  THEY’RE WEIRD TOO. They’ve got their struggles, their self-esteem issues, and their quirks that they’re trying to embrace. In this hilarious conversation with expert Life Coach, Tim Brownson, […]

Signs You’re Meant To Do Something Greater

Ever feel like you’re meant for more but not sure what “more” is? Ever feel like you KNOW you could do something amazing, but you just can’t get yourself to take the leap? In this conversation with corporate employee turned world-record-breaking skier Steph Jagger, Steph reveals… When and where to look for signs of your next […]