Being Introverted AND a Variety Seeker

Sure I have big dreams of being interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday… …of traveling the world on my best-selling book tour… …of being the owner of a coffee shop tree house… …but I also need about 3 days of solitary confinement after an evening of socializing.    Why? Because I’m an Introverted Variety Seeker. […]

Should Variety Seekers Be Parents? [I need your help with this one]

Like a 5-year-old petitioning to get a dog… …that’s how I feel when people imply that because I’m a Variety Seeker… …I should not have children. I’ve heard things like… “Being a parent is a life-long commitment.  You can’t just change your mind one day.”   In other words…maybe we’ll get you a goldfish instead. […]


It is early morning.  You’ve been walking through a beautiful forest.  At first alone, but then one-by-one others emerge.  You walk in silence together.  In the center of the forest is a large clearing.   At the front of the clearing is a podium.  You gather.  The speaker appears… Welcome. You have been called here…One… […]

Joining a Monastery (Why You’ve Secretly Thought About It)

A personal question for you… …perhaps the most personal of questions… …ready? What’s in your google search history? Sorry…did your throat just tighten up and your face turn red? Mine did…because among the numerous and vast self-diagnosed ailments and remedies I research daily, one would also find that I’ve recently googled, how to join a monastery. Not […]

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