10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things

What to give the person who doesn’t want more “stuff?” Here are 10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things…   1. A Creative Outlet Those who love experiences are often “out-of-the-box” thinkers.  A gift like the Color Your Year Wall Calendar  is practical AND creatively stimulating.  Plus, it has an expiration date; when the year is over, […]

Being a Human is Hard

Remember your awkward phase? Mine looked like this… Yep!  And it felt like that too. All I wanted to do was hide under my covers, repeatedly watch Girl Interrupted, and HATE LIFE.     Thankfully I grew out of that phase by college and started actually enjoying myself.  Probably a little too much…   It […]

Why I’m Not Married

“When will you two get married?” “Any wedding bells in the future?” “You two gonna tie the knot?” This isn’t a rant. This isn’t some statement about me being fed up with people asking obvious questions that we’re all guilty of asking or at least thinking (e.g. “When will you have a baby?”, “Are you […]

The Godfather of Non-Conformity Answers 3 Questions

You know how you don’t like traditional 9 to 5 jobs? How repetition and convention makes you feel a little panicky? How discovering your own path is more appealing to you than following someone else’s? Well the fact that you’re able to openly have these thoughts without feeling like there’s something wrong with you is possible […]

Do you have the personality type of a Variety Seeker?  Take the quiz below if you've ever felt...