How to Start a Professional Blog

We all have a story, craft, or message that’s important to us, and it’s through sharing these parts of ourselves that we feel a sense of purpose.  Your message may be in the form of writing, photography, personal style, healthy living, creating art–whatever you do, that reflects who you truly are.   These days one of the easiest […]

How to Break Free From Your 9 to 5

Repetitive 9 to 5’s are the worst careers for Variety Seekers.   As a group, Variety Seekers need room to be creative, to travel, and to discover and hone our unique skills.  That’s why the careers in which we thrive are those we design ourselves.  But this brings up all sorts of questions… How do I decide what […]

The BEST Careers For Variety Seekers

You’ve done the 9 to 5.  You’ve tried the conventional thing.  You’ve woken up each morning and repeated the same day as the day before, and… …IT’S…NOT…FOR…YOU. So what IS for you?  Are you destined to be a struggling artist or a vagabond?  Is constantly changing careers your best bet at a fulfilling life? Not hardly. There are careers out […]

Character Traits of the Highly Successful

You already have the ideas, the big dreams, the desire to do something greater…   …but what does it take to make those ideas a reality?   Hard work?  Confidence?  Focus?   Even those will only get you so far.   What it really comes down to is this…   How do you respond to […]

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