10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things

What to give the person who doesn’t want more “stuff?” Here are 10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things…   1. A Creative Outlet Those who love experiences are often “out-of-the-box” thinkers.  A gift like the Color Your Year Wall Calendar  is practical AND creatively stimulating.  Plus, it has an expiration date; when the year is over, […]

Neuroplasticity and Travel

The key to keeping your brain young… As children, our brains are constantly changing because almost everything we experience is NEW. New colors, new places, new activities, new foods–it’s a NEW WORLD. As we become older, life naturally becomes more repetitive. Our world becomes more familiar.  Novel experiences aren’t as readily available.  And because of careers, […]

PLATED!–Foodies, Variety Seekers, Eaters, this is for you.

Stagnation is the gateway to depression. Dramatic? Yes, but when each day looks the same with no sign of change on the horizon, it’s hard to feel excited about life. Unfortunately, because we’re human, there are some activities that simply require daily repetition.  For example, brushing teeth, showering, getting dressed, and everyone’s favorite…eating.  But even eating […]

Longboards, Tim Ferriss, NYC, & the Army 

In this candid and relaxed episode of Variety Seekers, siblings Alex and Jess do a special Q&A. They reveal how they’re currently seeking variety in their personal lives, including skate-boarding, traveling, and health habits. Learn who and what is inspiring them right now and their current challenges. Enjoy this episode? You can find all episodes […]

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