Living with Wanderlust in the Real World

“I want to be a discoverer.” I faintly remember saying it as we rode along, the two of us. I pictured faraway lands and famous explorers. I was very young and I had spoken these words to someone quite important in my life at the time. I distinctly recall the authoritative response, with something of […]

What I Learned About My Depression and Anxiety From Traveling

Depression and anxiety are the archenemies of a Variety Seeker. They prey on positive energy, curiosity and creativity. They are the antithesis of free-spiritedness. The soul of a Variety Seeker — my soul — craves to roam and explore. But with anxiety and depression, I perpetually feel frozen, trying to contain a war inside, a […]

Being Introverted AND a Variety Seeker

Sure I have big dreams of being interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday… …of traveling the world on my best-selling book tour… …of being the owner of a coffee shop tree house… …but I also need about 3 days of solitary confinement after an evening of socializing.    Why? Because I’m an Introverted Variety Seeker. […]

Should Variety Seekers Be Parents? [I need your help with this one]

Like a 5-year-old petitioning to get a dog… …that’s how I feel when people imply that because I’m a Variety Seeker… …I should not have children. I’ve heard things like… “Being a parent is a life-long commitment.  You can’t just change your mind one day.”   In other words…maybe we’ll get you a goldfish instead. […]

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