Achieving Extraordinary Goals – Ian Usher (Episode 1)

Ian Usher is best known for listing his “life for sale” on Ebay back in 2008.  After selling his life, Ian took off on a 100 week journey of completing 100 goals from his bucket list including swimming with sharks, running with the bulls, and meeting Richard Branson. Disney purchased the rights to Ian’s story! […]

Intro to Variety Seekers (Episode 0)

In this introduction episode of Variety Seekers, we explain the concept of Variety Seeking and help you decide if you’re meant to find ONE passion or if your passion is VARIETY! You’ll learn about the phone conversation in which the term “Variety Seeker” was coined, and you’ll get a glimpse into the awesome guests and exciting topics we […]

The 7 Moments Your Mind Needs Every Day

How would your life change if you were restricted to eating only lettuce, rice, and grapes?  Not only would your health and nutrition suffer, but your quality of life would take a hit as well. Well just like our bodies need variety in order to be healthy, our minds need variety in order to be healthy. […]

Why You Should Stop Exercising & Start Training

Did you know that hatha yoga was traditionally a method used to prepare the body for long periods of stillness during meditation? Because of it’s physical benefits, it’s become more commonly known in the West as a form of physical exercise. If two people were taking the same yoga class, one in preparation for meditation, and one to improve […]

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