How Would You Redesign Your Life?

If you were stranded on a desert island, how would you redesign your life? Would you replicate traditional designs, or would you create something custom for your needs? If you were in need of a chair, would you build what you’re familiar with? Or would you consider how you’ll want something lightweight and easy to move around? When […]

Why Variety Seekers Are Cheap

Frugal.  Resourceful.  Thrifty.  Let’s call it what it really is, Cheap! Most Variety Seekers are cheap. And if you’re a Variety Seeker and you are NOT cheap, that can only mean one of two things. 1. You can afford not to be cheap. Or 2. You’ve lost your Variety Seeking ways. So let’s breakdown the type of cheapness […]

How to Use Your Body to Get Everything You Want

“I can’t believe I didn’t ask for her number? Now I’ll probably never see her again.” “I should have negotiated my salary.  I know I’m worth more.” “I wish I would have brought up what’s been bothering me.  Now it’s too late.” We’ve all experienced these moments of regret.  When we had an idea, but instead of […]

The Alien Test

This is a quick test to determine if what you’re doing is important or a waste of time. First, use the questions and examples below to help determine your top 3 current priorities.  A priority is that which you want to focus your time and energy on.  Write down any answers that come to mind: What […]

Do you have the personality type of a Variety Seeker?  Take the quiz below if you've ever felt...