5 Signs You’re Living Life On Autopilot

I first realized I was living life on autopilot when my car broke down and I liked it! For many people, having your car break down is not a pleasant event.  It’s right up there with finding out your credit card has been compromised or the airline has lost your luggage.   And at first when […]

Why “I’m just so busy” Really Means “I’m not happy”

When you hear someone use the phrase “I’m just so busy”, it’s typically in the context of not having time for something else. “I need to call her, but I’m just so busy.” “I’m still going to stop by sometime.  I’ve just been so busy.” “We like hanging out with them, but we’re just so […]

Why You’re Still Searching for Your Passion

If you cringe at the advice, “Follow Your Passion,” then you might be a Variety Seeker. Variety Seekers are people who are fueled by change. Most Variety Seekers do not know that they’re Variety Seekers.  They just know that they often feel the urge to change some aspect(s) of their lives, be it career, relationship, […]

Do you have the personality type of a Variety Seeker?  Take the quiz below if you've ever felt...