The Godfather of Non-Conformity Answers 3 Questions

You know how you don’t like traditional 9 to 5 jobs? How repetition and convention makes you feel a little panicky? How discovering your own path is more appealing to you than following someone else’s? Well the fact that you’re able to openly have these thoughts without feeling like there’s something wrong with you is possible […]

How to Tell Your Family You’re Making a Big Change

The moment you decide you’re going for it… …you’re quitting your job, starting a business, going on a crazy journey, or changing your entire lifestyle…is a moment filled with emotion. Excitement, hope, urgency, and most of all fear.  And topping that list of fears is the fear of family rejection. Fear that when you tell […]

5 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

As we grow and change, it’s only natural that our friendships change as well.  Some may deepen, some may fizzle, and unfortunately some may become toxic. The weight of a toxic friendship is one laden with guilt, fear, and uncertainty. We try to convince ourselves that the friendship will get better or that we’re being […]

We’re All Weird…And It’s Ok

You know those people you admire so much?  The people you’re striving to be more like?  The ones who you think…now they’ve got it all together… WELL  THEY’RE WEIRD TOO. They’ve got their struggles, their self-esteem issues, and their quirks that they’re trying to embrace. In this hilarious conversation with expert Life Coach, Tim Brownson, […]

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