Why I’m Not Married

“When will you two get married?” “Any wedding bells in the future?” “You two gonna tie the knot?” This isn’t a rant. This isn’t some statement about me being fed up with people asking obvious questions that we’re all guilty of asking or at least thinking (e.g. “When will you have a baby?”, “Are you […]

How to Tell Your Family You’re Making a Big Change

The moment you decide you’re going for it… …you’re quitting your job, starting a business, going on a crazy journey, or changing your entire lifestyle…is a moment filled with emotion. Excitement, hope, urgency, and most of all fear.  And topping that list of fears is the fear of family rejection. Fear that when you tell […]

5 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

As we grow and change, it’s only natural that our friendships change as well.  Some may deepen, some may fizzle, and unfortunately some may become toxic. The weight of a toxic friendship is one laden with guilt, fear, and uncertainty. We try to convince ourselves that the friendship will get better or that we’re being […]

How to Start a Professional Blog

We all have a story, craft, or message that’s important to us, and it’s through sharing these parts of ourselves that we feel a sense of purpose.  Your message may be in the form of writing, photography, personal style, healthy living, creating art–whatever you do, that reflects who you truly are.   These days one of the easiest […]

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