The BEST Careers For Variety Seekers

You’ve done the 9 to 5.  You’ve tried the conventional thing.  You’ve woken up each morning and repeated the same day as the day before, and… …IT’S…NOT…FOR…YOU. So what IS for you?  Are you destined to be a struggling artist or a vagabond?  Is constantly changing careers your best bet at a fulfilling life? Not hardly. There are careers out […]

Character Traits of the Highly Successful

You already have the ideas, the big dreams, the desire to do something greater…   …but what does it take to make those ideas a reality?   Hard work?  Confidence?  Focus?   Even those will only get you so far.   What it really comes down to is this…   How do you respond to […]

Why It Still Feels Like Something Is Missing [Video]

So you’ve done what “they” say to do… You’re doing what you love… You’re trying new hobbies…. You’re getting out and seeing more of the world…. …and it STILL feels like something is missing. Well you’re right…something IS missing, but it might not be what or where you think. Watch here to learn what your REAL […]

The One Question That Leads to Finding Your Passion

What is my purpose?  What am I passionate about?  What makes me tick?   All terrible questions.   Why?  They’re too narrow!  They only focus on one person… YOU.   Yes, it’s YOUR life, but any purpose, passion, or fulfilling career can NOT exist without other people.   Whether they’re your audience, customers, readers, fans, students, muses, […]

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