Crushing Comfort Zones with Till Gross (Episode 3)

What’s keeping us all from living the lives we’ve always wanted?   Fear.   Every excuse we tell ourselves comes from fear, and there’s only one way to combat it.  Face it head on. Till Gross is a world traveler, researcher, and cofounder of the start-up  He’s spent over two years traveling the globe […]

Stop Lying! The little habit that has enormous consequences. (Episode 2)

Alex and Jess discuss the eye-opening book Lying, by Sam Harris.  Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author who suggests there is NEVER a good reason to tell a lie. From being silent to telling little white lies,  discover how the habits we’ve created are causing us stress, harming our relationships, and keeping us […]

Achieving Extraordinary Goals – Ian Usher (Episode 1)

Ian Usher is best known for listing his “life for sale” on Ebay back in 2008.  After selling his life, Ian took off on a 100 week journey of completing 100 goals from his bucket list including swimming with sharks, running with the bulls, and meeting Richard Branson. Disney purchased the rights to Ian’s story! […]

Intro to Variety Seekers (Episode 0)

In this introduction episode of Variety Seekers, we explain the concept of Variety Seeking and help you decide if you’re meant to find ONE passion or if your passion is VARIETY! You’ll learn about the phone conversation in which the term “Variety Seeker” was coined, and you’ll get a glimpse into the awesome guests and exciting topics we […]

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