10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things

What to give the person who doesn’t want more “stuff?” Here are 10 Gift Ideas for People Who Value Experiences Over Things…   1. A Creative Outlet Those who love experiences are often “out-of-the-box” thinkers.  A gift like the Color Your Year Wall Calendar  is practical AND creatively stimulating.  Plus, it has an expiration date; when the year is over, […]

Why You Keep Missing The Flight to Your New Life

Did you know the personality type that dreams of living an extraordinary life is also the personality type least likely to do much of anything?  But there’s a way around this.  Let me explain… Here at HoneLife, we ask all of our subscribers to share their Myers-Briggs personality type with us (if you haven’t, you can […]

Marie Forleo’s 5 Steps to Getting Unstuck

If Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah and Jay-Z had a love child, it would be Marie Forleo. A born-n-raised Jersey girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, Marie created a multimillion dollar socially conscious empire from scratch.   Eric Michael Pearson Photography And…she’s a VARIETY SEEKER! Marie considers herself a “multi-passionate […]

How to Break Free From Your 9 to 5

Repetitive 9 to 5’s are the worst careers for Variety Seekers.   As a group, Variety Seekers need room to be creative, to travel, and to discover and hone our unique skills.  That’s why the careers in which we thrive are those we design ourselves.  But this brings up all sorts of questions… How do I decide what […]

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