The BEST Careers For Variety Seekers

You’ve done the 9 to 5.  You’ve tried the conventional thing.  You’ve woken up each morning and repeated the same day as the day before, and… …IT’S…NOT…FOR…YOU. So what IS for you?  Are you destined to be a struggling artist or a vagabond?  Is constantly changing careers your best bet at a fulfilling life? Not hardly. There are careers out […]

When Variety Seeking Means You’re Depressed

  Once I quit my job… Once I meet the “right” person… Once I move to a new city… …I’ll be happy.   When your happiness hinges on a change, it’s time to take a look within.   While external changes bring Variety Seekers energy and excitement, momentary stagnation should NOT result in depression or […]

Taking Charge of Your Career

Take a second…and imagine a career where you set your own hours, where you travel as often as you like, where each day you grow more and more into the person you want to become. That career exists, and what’s better is there’s a permanent opening.  The job title? Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is without a doubt hard […]

5 Reasons You Think I’m Bat-Sh*t Crazy

[This article is written from the point of view of an “intuitive” person–“intuitive” referring to the personality trait described here (def. someone who seeks variety and novelty, considers the future more than the present), NOT the same as being psychic or having a gut feeling.] The vast majority of the population is NOT predominantly intuitive.  I am.  This has its […]

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