The BEST Careers For Variety Seekers

You’ve done the 9 to 5.  You’ve tried the conventional thing.  You’ve woken up each morning and repeated the same day as the day before, and… …IT’S…NOT…FOR…YOU. So what IS for you?  Are you destined to be a struggling artist or a vagabond?  Is constantly changing careers your best bet at a fulfilling life? Not hardly. There are careers out […]

Why It Still Feels Like Something Is Missing [Video]

So you’ve done what “they” say to do… You’re doing what you love… You’re trying new hobbies…. You’re getting out and seeing more of the world…. …and it STILL feels like something is missing. Well you’re right…something IS missing, but it might not be what or where you think. Watch here to learn what your REAL […]

The 60 Hour Workweek

The Sell It’s a Tuesday afternoon.  You’ve been working since 9am, and you really don’t feel like putting in any more hours.  In fact, you feel like going to the gym and then having a cocktail with some friends. And so you do just that.  After all, you’re an entrepreneur, your own boss.  You have […]

The 3 Reasons You Need a Ritual [Video]

Despair has been defined as “the belief that tomorrow is going to be exactly like today.” As a group, Variety Seekers are notorious for battling this definition of despair.  There is so much we want to experience, that the idea of one day looking like the next can cause us stress, panic, or even depression. […]

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