It is early morning.  You’ve been walking through a beautiful forest.  At first alone, but then one-by-one others emerge.  You walk in silence together.  In the center of the forest is a large clearing.   At the front of the clearing is a podium.  You gather.  The speaker appears… Welcome. You have been called here…One… […]

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Joining a Monastery (Why You’ve Secretly Thought About It)

A personal question for you… …perhaps the most personal of questions… …ready? What’s in your google search history? Sorry…did your throat just tighten up and your face turn red? Mine did…because among the numerous and vast self-diagnosed ailments and remedies I research daily, one would also find that I’ve recently googled, how to join a monastery. Not […]

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Wanting to Do It All…and Absolutely Nothing

Ever feel this way? Like you want to experience everything the world has to offer… …you want to be a writer, a film maker, a teacher, a yogi, a business owner, a world traveler… …and yet you also want to do absolutely nothing. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?! How can one have so many desires and […]

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Fear of Choosing the WRONG LIFE

On these pages, I often speak of the wildly imaginative and wander-ous personality of the Variety Seeker. I often paint the picture that being a Variety Seeker means you’re in store for an adventurous and creative existence… …but as you well know, there are two sides to every coin. And be it for selfish reasons or a responsibility […]

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