The Variety Seeker Workbook

Ever feel stuck?  Like you're meant to do something greater.  Like you have BIG dreams and a desire to accomplish so much, but you're not even sure where to start.

And now weeks, months, or even years have gone by with very little change, and you're still living that life that doesn't really feel like YOU.

Well it's time to put an end to the repetition and to the feelings of discontent.  It's time to get the life you've always dreamed of, even if that dream isn't quite clear yet.


Heck yeah, count me in!

What if you could be certain of the next step you're supposed to take?  What if you had no doubt that the changes you're about to make are going to result in the life you've been longing for?

It's possible.  And The Variety Seeker Workbook will help you do just that.

The Variety Seeker Workbook is an electronic workbook comprised of research, strategies, and guided exercises designed to get you on the track to living the extraordinary life you've always dreamed of!

“As a textbook Variety Seeker, I'm constantly searching for new resources to help spice up my life. It's rare to find something that speaks directly to the subtle restlessness that I just can't seem to let go.  Your workbook has helped me fully accept my free-spirited soul and has guided me to bring more passion and fullfillment into my everyday life."

Jamie Kreft -Saint Louis

More of the Same Won't Work!

How much more time are you willing to spend feeling like there's got to be more to life? How many more times are you going to get excited about a change, and then not follow through or end up back in a repetitive, unfulfilliing cycle? 

Life doesn't have to feel like it's passing you by. Changing your actions is the ONLY way you'll have a shot at the life you want and deserve.  But first you need to know what changes to make. 

The Life You're Meant to Have

Research has shown that the various traits that make up a Variety Seeker are not acquired; they're engrained in your personality.  They're part of your identity, and you were born with these traits for a reason.  

You're dreams, ideas, and desires aren't misleading you, and they aren't some phase that will pass.  You ARE meant to do more.  You ARE meant to live an extraordinary life.

Having deep meaningful connections, inspiring others, and finally feeling that you've found your purpose--THAT's the life you're meant to have!

A Word From Jessica and Alex

“We know all too well the feeling of being stuck in a life that doesn't feel like your own.  We know the panic, guilt, and even depression that can go along with it.  That's why we've made it our mission to help other Variety Seekers find a life of peace and purpose.  
Everything we've learned through our research, from experts, and in our personal lives has been put into this workbook. You're not going to find this information anywhere else, and we know it will bring you tremendous amounts of guidance, inspiraiton, and hope. 

Jessica & Alex Wood
Founders of